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Anti Money Laundering (AML)

FirstForex Ltd is powered by FTT Global who are solely responsible for Anti money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Finance checks they are registered with HMRC and Authorised under FCA/PRA for due diligence required under the PSG. Their employees and agents are fully conversant with the (AML) guidelines and their responsibilities to report any transactions that raise suspicion or give cause for concern.

Customer Identification Policy

For Business Clients
As part of our registration process and before the first transaction we require ID verification of the Director, Partner, Sole trader or persons authorized to transact. Two forms of identification are required (See Privacy & Data Protection), one of which must include a photo as primary ID:

Accepted forms of primary ID are:
  • A valid passport
  • Driving license or
  • National identity card with photo
In addition we require one of the following as proof of current home address. These forms of documentation need to be less than 3months old.
  • A bank account or mortgage statement
  • A council tax bill
  • A recent utility bill
For Limited Companies
We require some or all of the following information, which will be kept on record (See Privacy & Data Protection)
  • The corporate name, the registered company number, trading names, VAT registration, trading addresses and registered principal address.
  • A list of authorised persons allowed to give instructions on behalf of the company on a company letterhead
  • Business activity and reasons for transactions
  • Expected frequency and volume of transactions
  • Origin and destination of funds
  • If you are an MSB, a copy of a valid MLR certificate
  • Copies of annual reports and name and address of company auditors
  • Details of compliance procedures
Additional information required for Private Companies
  • Names of all directors
  • Names of beneficial owners holding over 25%

n.b. Clients must comply with these requirements. The Company retains the right to refuse to accept a client instruction and is under no obligation to enter into a transaction should it choose not to do so.

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