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The foreign exchange market can be very volatile with the price of many currencies fluctuating wildly. In the international world where the price of goods and services are so competitive, it is important to know the price you will receive for your products and to fix the foreign exchange rate to minimise the exchange risk. FirstForex powered by FTT Global have a team of well-trained currency experts at your disposal to assist in the management of your foreign currency flows, helping save your company money on currency transactions and transfer charges, when you are:

  • Paying invoices for imports
  • Repatriating funds from exports
  • Funding an offshore project
  • Investing overseas
  • Making regular expense payments
By opening an account with FirstForex you will benefit from.
A Personalised service
By using FirstForex as your partner in foreign exchange your company can reap the benefits of an in house currency department without the overhead costs. A dedicated account manager specialising in foreign exchange will be assigned to you, to develop an understanding of your business and your currency requirements, ensuring your business is in the best position to make informed and prudent currency investment decisions
Immediate execution of orders
FirstForex has direct access to the international currency markets for up to the second quotes. This allows us to secure the best exchange rate at the most opportune time.
Better exchange rates
FirstForex can save you up to 3% on your currency purchases by offering you a more competitive exchange rate than your bank.
Efficient cash flow
One way of protecting your income from volatile exchange risk is to enter into a forward contract (available up to 12 months ahead) this enables you to buy or sell currencies when the market looks favourable. As part of our service we offer forward & option dated contracts, these products allow you to fix your costs and by purchasing your currency forward you can avoid any negative exchange rate fluctuations. We only require a 10% deposit at the outset leaving the remaining 90% balance as cash flow, until the settlement date.
No hidden charges
We guarantee no transfer charges and no commission fees on amounts over 3,000. (There is a 10 Transfer fee charged for single currency transfers on amounts less than 3,000)
Opening an account
With FirstForex it is straightforward. All you need to do is register by entering the link above and follow the instructions; once the registration has been completed online you will be contacted by a account manager who will inform you of the next steps required to complete the registration process. Please note that we may need to perform identification checks prior to the activation of the account. There are no fees or charges to register and you are under no obligation to trade with us once you have registered.

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