Global Foreign Exchange Services

Regular Currency Payments

Regular International Money Transfers.

FirstForex can remove the stress associated with organising any kind of regular international money transfer including:

  • Paying invoices for imports
  • Repatriating funds from exports
  • Funding an offshore project
  • Investing overseas
  • Making regular expense payments abroad

FirstForex arrange many regular payments a year and the benefits include:

No transfer fees
Most high street banks will charge up to 25 for each and every international transaction, If you are making regular monthly payments we can save you more than 300 a year. With FirstForex the first currency transfer per trade over 3,000 is free, however for transactions with multiple beneficiaries there is a 10 charge per additional beneficiary.

No commission fees
The majority of high street banks can charge up to 2% per international money transfer. We do not charge any commission fees for transfers of over 3,000, for lesser amounts there is a fixed transfer charge fee of 10 which is still considerably cheaper than the banks.

Protection against negative exchange rate movements
Unlike the high street banks, we allow you to lock into a favourable exchange rate for up to 1 year.

Complete peace of mind
The whole process guarantees, that as long as your funds are cleared with FTT Global Ltd in their secure customer accounts at Barclays Bank PLC, then customers never miss a payment.

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